QuakeWatch Server Software

QuakeWatch Server Installation

Version 1.141

The QuakeWatch Server is a next-generation earthquake information distribution system whose purpose is to alert users, in near real-time, of seismic data and vital earthquake hazards information following significant events.

Most users will not need the QuakeWatch Server software. In some cases, such as large organizations that wish to support many instances of CISN Display or QuakeWatch Emailer, a local QuakeWatchServer may reduce issues related to firewalls as well as demand on the CISN-supported servers.

System requirements:

This program requires a username/password account to connect to a CISN-supported QuakeWatch Server. If you do not have one, please request an user account.

This program requires that Java 1.6 or later be installed. Click here to download the latest version of Java.

Installation options:

The QuakeWatch Server distribution is available in ".zip" format.

Related software:

This software was developed as a cooperative project of the CISN. Funding for this project was provided by the CalEMA, USGS, FEMA/OES Hazards Mitigation and Emergency Management Performance Grant Program, and the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Additional financial support was provided by Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. (ISTI). This software was written by and developed in partnership with ISTI.

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