CISN Steering Advising Meeting

13 October 2010
Sacramento, CA

Time Task
10:00am-10:05am Opening Remarks, Approval of Minutes - Stu Nishenko, Barbara Romanowicz
10:00am-10:15am Use of CISN products in emergency management - Stu Nishenko
10:15am-11:00am State of CISN Report:
11:00am-11:20pm CISN and EEW - Egill Hauksson
11:20am-11:40am CISN Outreach - Jim Goltz
11:50am-12:15pm CISN Strategic Plan 2011-2016 (Draft) Discussion including GPS
1:00pm-2:15pm Advisory Committee Meeting (concurrent)
  • New Chair
  • Bullets from the mornings
  • Directions/Suggestions for CISN
  • Approval of CISN Strategic Plan
Steering Committee Meeting (concurrent)
  • EEW
  • GPS
  • Renewal of State FUnding
  • Importance of EQ Representation at CalEMA
2:30pm-3:55pm Joint Discussions: Steering and Advisory Committees
3:55pm-4:00pm Steering/Advisory Committee Chair Transitions, Adjourn Meeting

Download meeting report here.