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06/15/2005 Preliminary slip model

Doug Dreger of UC Berkeley has developed this preliminary slip map for the M7.2 earthquake. Owing to the sparse coverage, the slip distribution is not as well resolved as in other recent earthquakes. The best solution slightly favors the northeast trending fault plane, which is consistent with the other events in the Gorda plate (such as the 1980 M7.2 Eureka earthquake) and with the distribution of the larger aftershocks.

The faulting model has a rise time of 5 seconds and a rupture velocity 2.7 km/s. The hypocenter is at (0,10). Slip appears to be unilateral to the SW. The slip centroid is deep and consistent with the moment tensor solutions. Due to the limited distribtion of stations, there appears to be a lot of vertical smearing, though it is clear that most of the slip is deep.

06/15/2005 M7.2 offshore of Northern California
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