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Magnitude 4.6 earthquakes near Tres Pinos, CA

Information from UCB & USGS Menlo Park
Date & Time (Local): 2001/12/28
01:14:01 (PST)
Date & Time (UTC): 2001/12/28
21:14:01 (UTC)
Location: 18 km (11 miles) SSE of Tres Pinos, CA
36.641, -121.252
Depth (km): 6.8
ML: 4.6
MW (preferred): 4.6
Fault Zone: San Andreas

This earthquake and its aftershocks occurred along the "creeping" section of the San Andreas fault in central California. This portion of the San Andreas moves both aseismically (through "creep") and through small to moderate events. This area experienced a sequence of magnitude 4+ events in July 2001.

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