Steering Committee

The Steering committee is the primary governing body of the CISN. It provides overall direction and sets policy. The members of the CISN Steering committee are:

Current members:

Damage on road caused by 2014 Napa quake
  • Brad Aagaard, USGS Earthquake Effects
  • Richard Allen, UC Berkeley
  • Steve Hickman, USGS Earthquake Hazards Team, Vice-Chair
  • Doug Given, USGS Pasadena
  • Rob Graves, USGS Pasadena
  • Michael Gurnis, Caltech
  • Egill Hauksson, Caltech
  • Peggy Hellweg, UC Berkeley
  • Mark Johnson, California Office of Emergency Services
  • Lind Gee, USGS Menlo Park, ANSS coordinator
  • John Parrish, CGS, Chair
  • Tony Shakal, CGS
  • Lori Dengler, Humboldt State University


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