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Software for Earthquake Information

The CISN and ANSS are collaborating on the development of software to distribute earthquake information.

CISN Display

CISN Display is a software package that rapidly receives earthquake information via the Internet distributed by seismic networks operating in the United States. The application was designed primarily for emergency management 24/7 operations centers. It provides map displays of earthquake locations, magnitudes, and time of occurrence and can notify users of the occurrence of an earthquake. For larger quakes CISN Display may also display maps depicting the extent and severity of ground motion in the affected region (i.e., a "ShakeMap"). The software provides links to available earthquake products on the web, such as loss estimates from HAZUS, special reports on the earthquake prepared by seismologists, tsunami warnings, focal mechanisms, images of seismograms, maps of "felt" reports, and reports on damage and casualties from emergency services agencies. CISN Display offers an open source GIS mapping tool that allows users to easily customize the display by importing GIS layers of public highways, roads and bridges, as well as private layers of organizational-specific infrastructure and other private facilities information. The software is written in Java and runs on all popular operating systems.

CISN Display v1.31 is now available for operations-ready use. Interested users should know that this is a limited access CISN application that is intended for emergency managers and critical infrastructure operators. System resources to operate the CISN Display system are limited. So to ensure that intended critical users have access to the messaging service, interested organizations will be required to successfully register via the link below. Applicants requesting a CISN Display user account will be approved per the CISN's current access policy. The registration process will provide your group with a username/password combination (and the ability to request/create more accounts), and it will provide us with the organizational names and emergency response roles of groups who are using the service. With this information we hope to continue to make further improvements to the application, and continue to provide emergency responders with rapid and accurate earthquake information.


The ShakeCast system is designed to be a software tool for the rapid distribution of ShakeMaps. In addition to delivering ShakeMaps, the software allows users to define locations of interest and set shaking levels to trigger automatic notification, provide electronic ntofication of events and projected intensity levels, and integrate with in-house GIS systems.

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