CISN Steering Advising Meeting

12 July 2002
Sacramento, CA

Time Task
9:30am-10:20am Introductions
  • Call to order; approval of minutes from last meeting - B. Clark
  • Introductory Remarks - P. Jacks, M. L. Zoback
  • Introduction to OES Earthquake Programs - R. Eisner
  • Introduction to ANSS - W. Savage
  • Purpose of the meeting - B. Clark
10:20am-12:00pm Overview of CISN - L. Jones
Status of CISN Products
  • Progress toward integrated statewide reporting - E. Hauksson
  • Engineering Data Center - T. Shakal
  • Seismological data archives - R. Clayton
  • ShakeMap - W. Savage
  • Recent Quakes, CISN Display, and ShakeCast - D. Given
  • Discussion
Status of CISN Outreach
  • Role and strategic plan for CISN Outreach - R. Eisner
  • Discussion
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch Executive Session of Advisory Committee
1:00pm-1:30pm Future Directions: CISN Steering Committee Perspectives
  • CISN priorities and plans: OES perspective - L. Gee
  • CISN priorities and plans: ANSS perspective - W. Savage
  • Progress towards an integrated planning process - T. Shakal
Develop Consensus Recommendations For CISN priorities and products
  • What is the appropriate distribution of resources for instrumentation, operations, maintenance, product development, etc. ?
  • ACTION: CISN recommendation to ANSS for funding priorities
3:50pm-4:00pm Wrap up and summary of action items
4:00pm Adjourn

Download meeting report here.