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2012 M4.0 Near El Cerrito, CA

M4.0 Near El Cerrito, CA

Map showing March 5 El Cerrito quake and aftershocks, and area fault zones
Map showing March 5 M 4.0 El Cerrito quake and aftershocks, and area fault zones (Foreshock not shown, click to view larger)


  • Date & Time (Local): 03/05/2012 05:33:20 AM (PST)
  • Date & Time (UTC): 03/05/2012 13:33:20 (UTC)
  • Location: 1 mi NNW of El Cerrito, CA
    37.928N, 122.309W
  • Depth (km): 8.6
  • Magnitude: 4.0 Mw

  • A foreshock of ML 3.5 occurred 8 seconds before the mainshock, at 05:33:12 AM (PST)/13:33:12 (UTC)

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Ground Motions

The CISN Northern California Management Center produces ShakeMaps for events of M3.5 and higher. ShakeMaps are based on the observed ground motions from seismic instruments combined with predicted motions in areas without sensors.

This earthquake was widely felt in the East Bay. People with Internet access can report their observations of shaking and damage through the Did You Feel It? Web site. Unlike the ShakeMaps - which are based on data from seismic instruments - these maps are based on human observations. You can contribute to these data by filling out the form for the event.

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