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Recent Earthquakes

Example Map of Recent Earthquakes

The CISN distributes information about earthquakes through several methods. Maps of recent earthquake activity in California and Nevada are available through multiple Web servers. The main Web server is provided by the USGS and is mirrored in several locations. Several alternate sources are available and should provide identical information. In some cases, if computers or routers are down, the information may be out of sync. Both the maps and lists of earthquakes cover the last week of seismicity.

A recent pilot project shows "old" earthquakes in a format similar to the "recent" earthquakes:

Notification about earthquakes in California is now available by email. Follow the links below to sign up, depending on your area of interest:

The CISN has recently released CISN Display V1.0 as a tool for integrating earthquake information in emergency response. CISN Display is an integrated Web enabled earthquake notification system, designed for emergency management 24/7 operations centers. The application provides users with maps of real-time seismicity, and automatically provides access to Web-related earthquake products such as ShakeMaps. CISN Display also offers an open source GIS mapping tool that allows users to plot freely available layers of public highways, roads and bridges, as well as private layers of organizational-specific infrastructure and facilities information.

CISN Display is designed to provide earthquake information for emergency response. First-responders, organizations with critical lifelines and infrastructure, and emergency responders are invited to register for an account.

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