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Summary Report # 01 from the PMG to the CISN Steering and Advisory Committees

15 April 2002

Written by the PMG: E. Hauksson (chair), L. Gee, D. Given, D. Oppenheimer, and T. Shakal.


The member institutions of the California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN) (Dept. of Conservation, Calif. Geological Survey (formerly CDMG), Caltech, UC Berkeley, USGS Menlo Park, and USGS Pasadena) have begun planning and implementation. The CISN Steering and Advisory Committees provide oversight and long term planning, and have charged the Program Management Group (PMG) with implementing the CISN. The CISN is a multi-year project that started officially on 1 July 2001 with PMG planning activities, and this is the first progress report.

The focus of CISN is the modernization, and operation of seismic network infrastructure statewide and the near real-time delivery of standardized earthquake products. The CISN will provide emergency responders with critical information such as rapid earthquake notification and automatic maps of the distribution of damaging shaking (ShakeMap) in the aftermath following large earthquakes. In addition, many structures throughout California have been designed without adequate knowledge of the level of strong ground motions produced by major earthquakes. The earthquake engineering community will be able to advance their understanding of how structures perform during strong earthquakes using the new CISN seismic data.

OES is providing leadership and funding to integrate existing monitoring efforts into a single system, to address effectively the need for seismic information in the State. Advances in technology are making it possible to integrate the existing, separate earthquake monitoring networks in California into a single seismic monitoring system. The California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN) provides the organizational and implementation framework for the new system through the establishment of three operational centers: the Northern and Southern Management Centers for routine earthquake processing and the Engineering Management Center for engineering data products.

Status of CISN Contracts from OES and ANSS/USGS

  1. CGS: received 1 March 2002 ($0.920M)
  2. UC Berkeley: received 27 March 2002 ($0.736M)
  3. Caltech: contract being processed ($1.840M)
  4. USGS Menlo Park: waiting for equipment acquisition (~$0.50M)
The OES contract award process that started in early September 2001 has taken much longer than anticipated. Both Caltech and UC Berkeley obtained loans to maintain operations and facilitate planning and other preparation activities.

Program Management Group (PMG) Activities

The PMG has had conference calls approximately every two weeks since September 2001. The focus of these calls has been to coordinate statewide CISN issues such as robustness, integration, product standardization, and to provide direction for the CISN Standards Group.

Robustness issues. If a CISN center is not able to report, it is important that the other two centers have enough data to take over the reporting responsibility. The PMG discussed implementation plans for exchange of time series from seismic stations directly to two centers, instead of only one center, which is the usual practice. Similarly, the PMG discussed approaches to calibrate seismic production algorithms to handle statewide data. Several of these issues are being worked on by the Standards Group.

Statewide Integration. The CISN PMG and its Standards Group have discussed and prepared a draft implementation plan for the new CISN dedicated communications backbone, which is being reviewed (see attached Figure). This backbone will allow sharing of: 1) waveforms; 2) parametric data; 3) state of health messages; and 4) products between centers. OES in Sacramento will be connected to this backbone. To facilitate statewide integration, the PMG has discussed implementation issues related to exchange of picks, codas, magnitude amplitudes, and amplitudes used in ShakeMap production.

Product Standardization. To ensure that all three CISN centers provide the same location, magnitude, ShakeMap and other products, the PMG has worked on plans for calibration of algorithms and improved data availability. The intent of CISN is to have calibrated algorithms and all parametric data available at each of the three centers to ensure robustness and standardization of products. Below we summarize activities being done by the CISN partners.

California Geological Survey (CGS) CISN Activities

UC Berkeley CISN Activities

USGS Menlo Park: ANSS/CISN Activities

Caltech/USGS Pasadena CISN Activities

California Integrated Seismic Network

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