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April 23rd, 2002 Press Conference

On April 23, 2002, the Governor's Office issued a press release announcing the California Integrated Seismic Network project. In parallel, a press conference was held at the headquarters of Office of Emergency Services in Rancho Cordova in the State Operation Center.

Director Dallas Jones of OES addressed the audience, followed by Department of Conservation Directory Darryl Young. State geologist Jim Davis and UC Berkeley seismologist Lind Gee also spoke about seismic hazard and the plans of the CISN. Other representatives of the participating networks included Egill Hauksson of Caltech, David Oppenheimer from the USGS, and Tony Shakal from the CGS. Paul Jacks, Ed Bortugno, Rich Eisner, and Jim Goltz of OES joined in the activities.

OES Director Dallas Jones addresses the audience from the State Operation Center.

Department of Conservation Director Darryl Young discusses the seismic monitors used throughout the state.

The gathering to view the press conference from the balcony overlooking the State Operations Center.

Director Jones discusses CISN with several of the state's leading seismologists prior to the press conference.

Reports on the press conference appeared in the Los Angeles Times, on Wired News, and in an AP report which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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