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2004 Sequence near Lakeview, OR

A sequence of earthquakes is rattling southern Oregon, near the California border, east of Goose Lake. The sequence started on June 25 with an M3.1, continuing this morning with an Mb4.4 event at 05:21 AM local time.

These events appear to be occurring along one of the Goose Lake graben faults The mechanisms obtained by Doug Dreger of the UC Berkeley are consistent with the normal slip expected on these faults.

These earthquakes are occuring in an area with limited seismic instrumentation. Consequently, the automatic locations are poorly resolved. The apparent lineation in the locations may be an artifact due to the fact that so many stations are to the west of the earthquakes, compared to to the north and south.

Map showing the location of the M4.4, M3.9 and a number of smaller events as of 9:00 AM PDT.

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